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2016-04-07 03:35 am

I am a real person

I don't use dreamwidth a lot! I am a real person and actually would like to refer readers to my ao3 of the same name http:// archiveofourown. org/users/ Raven2547 remove the spaces <---

Mostly I'm on dreamwidth for anon kink memes or for the occasional bit of reading--usually people do a bunch of cross posting so i'm not on here a bunch. I've been wanting to read a bit of FMA fanfiction that needs me to prove I'm a human though :x

on another note, I also have a livejournal that I don't use often here: http:// nevar2547.livejournal. com/profile

like I said I'm really active on FF. net and Ao3 right now. I bum around on tumblr every now and again but otherwise I'm working and just stick to what I know lol